Fresno First Steps Home provides funding to area non-profits and agencies that help individuals move through each step toward independence.

Step 1: Outreach

Case managers trained in street outreach and serving the homeless population reach out to homeless individuals to begin the process.

Step 2: Assessment

Case managers assess the needs of each individual, including health concerns, family background, criminal history and education. This provides a snapshot for future planning and support.

Step 3: Apartment Housing

Case managers find transitional housing for the individuals at reduced rates, as long as clients show measurable progress in the program for up to 18 months.

Step 4: Action Plan

Case managers create an action plan that puts individuals on a path to self- sufficiency. This plan is monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.

Step 5: Monitoring & Support

Using the action plan, case managers track the progress of individuals and provide support services as needed.

Activities & Results

Fresno did not have a consolidated strategic plan to address homelessness prior to 2008. Since then, amazing progress has been made in our community, thanks to coordinated efforts of the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, the City and County of Fresno, and key partner affiliates, and Fresno First Steps Home.

Fresno First Steps Home has provided nearly $1M in private donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, and private entities to meet matching grants requirements, or needed resources to meet an immediate need. 

Below are a few examples of what we have funded.

A $250,000 grant to the Fresno Housing Authority

A $250,000 grant from Fresno First Steps Home to the Fresno Housing Authority, which was matched dollar for dollar to provide financial assistance in the form of moving costs, short-term rental assistance, medium-term rental assistance, utility deposits, and utility payment assistance for up to 12 months, which housed 40 homeless individuals formerly living in Downtown Fresno homeless encampments. Housing stabilization measures such as case management, credit repair, and legal counsel were also a part of this effort.Housing 103 people from the H Street encampmentCleanup of the South of Ventura encampments121 New housing units$505,000 “Housing First” grant$100,000 in bridge housing funds