4 favorite destinations of expats in Hanoi

While the Hanoi housing market has witnessed a plethora of changes in terms of the number of housing projects and the population density in one particular area, there are 4 destinations that are always favored by expatriates in Hanoi. The aforementioned destinations are Ciputra Hanoi, Truc Bach area, Keangnam area and Vinhomes Metropolis.

Ciputra Hanoi is a multi-functional residential area for expats

Ciputra Hanoi is considered the most liveable residential area of Hanoi due to its numerous advantages in terms of lush green space, state-of-the-art apartment buildings and a large community of expats. The first impression of Ciputra urban area is a fresh and green living environment. Different from the image of crowded streets and busy Hanoi, Ciputra presents to expats a quieter and greener Hanoi. Overall, of the 301ha urban area of Ciputra Hanoi, 77ha of it is for green space, including 50.8ha of green trees and 26.1ha of lake area. The harmonized lake in the middle of Ciputra and surrounding parks are deemed as the “green lung” for apartment for rent in this residential area in particular and apartment for rent in Tay Ho in general. Expats living here can also enjoy the embellished natural colors of a peaceful and quiet urban landscape.

It can be said that Ciputra is the first international urban area with comprehensive planning, fully integrated services and utilities in Hanoi. The urban area possesses prestigious international schools, including UNIS International School, Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School, Singapore International School, KIK Kindergarten and Sunshine House. The residents living here can inherit the modern facilities, including Ciputra Club sports, entertainment complex, 38-lane golf course, restaurant, store chain and so on.

Truc Bach area for a laid-back experience

Even though Truc Bach area shares the same significance with the Old Quarter and the French Quarter in terms of history, it is much laid-back and less touristy, creating a different vibe that many expats enjoy. While the amenities here are not as modern and diverse as those in Ciputra Hanoi, expats can still enjoy the service from many local stores, restaurants, bars, etc. that are instilled with many of Vietnamese cultural traits.

In terms of housing, Truc Bach area offers expats with loads of apartment for rent in Tay Ho, most of which are cheap apartment and studio apartment.

Another advantage of living here is that the people are quite friendly. The number of expatriates resides here is also on the rise, making it more comfortable and easier for newcomers to fit in. The transportation and the roads here are much better than those of the central area. Truc Bach area is also very close to the Phan Dinh Phung street, which is a peaceful and shadowy road.

Keangnam area with excellent apartment for rent for Koreans

Keangnam is Vietnam’s highest unique complex located in the heart of Hanoi’s new urban area. It consists of two 50-story apartment buildings and a 72-story tower (including office, apartment and commercial areas). For the first time in Vietnam, you can enjoy all the necessities of life right at Landmark 72, the most intelligent modern buildings. Besides the apartment for rent in Tay Ho, these apartments in Keangnam are the most hunted ones because it offers an array of top-quality amenities for residents, including fancy restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas, etc.

The apartment buildings are equipped with the most modern utilities and the most beautiful views in Vietnam, along with the world’s leading management system. There is also a Grade A office area from the 12th to 46th floors overlooking the magnificent Hanoi landscape; Calidas serviced apartments are from 48th to 60th floor; the world0-famous Intercontinental Hotel is from the 62 to 70 floors. This diverse integrated facility can bring much convenience for the residents, including enclosed workplaces and amenities. Many Korean expats chose this place as their home because there are many Korean stores and firms located here.

Vinhomes Metropolis defines a new level of excelsior living style

Owning the golden location of the city, Vinhomes Metropolis is the only apartment project developed in the diplomatic area that is surrounded by a network of large embassies with high security. Also thanks to this location, residents can enjoy the 360-degree view to 4 surrounding lakes in the city, including West Lake, Ngoc Khanh Lake, Thu Le Lake and Giang Vo Lake.

At Vinhomes Lieu Giai, residents will enjoy a luxurious 5-star living class with standard amenities, forming an upscale lifestyle for successful resident communities. These amenities include standard pool, lounge with coffee shops, gardens, foot massage, outdoor sports ground, children’s playground, water walk, BBQ, and the most outstanding Vincom Mega Mall.

Thanks to the luxurious and classy design, Vinhomes Metropolis apartments are built with modern style. The furniture includes air-conditioning system, high-end modern lighting, hanging cabinets and cupboards, sound wall system, fireproof industrial wood door with surface treatment, low-E glass system with unlimited visibility, etc. All will grant you the perfect and royal living style at the heart of Hanoi.

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